Sorry, I couldn't resist using this title. Some of you may remember my "Are We There Yet?" speech from Wisconsin. Boy did I enjoy giving that speech!

Day 3 is an all day ride to Banff National Park. Banff is the oldest national park in Canada, and I've really been looking forward to exploring the town. But, I have to be on my best behavior now because Mom joined me in Banff.
To get to Banff, we took the Trans-Canada Highway, aka Hwy 1. This is the 2nd longest paved road in the world. There is a road that circles Australia that is longer, but driver Mike argues that road doesn't actually go anywhere because it starts and ends in Sydney!
We made a pit stop a the Last Spike. This is where they drove the final spike in the Canadian-Pacific Railway. The man in the beard drove the spike in but bent the first one, pounded the second in, removed the second as a souvenier, and a third and final spike was driven.
The big stop of the day was Three Valley Gap in B.C. The area was originally a swamp, and it was filled in with the dirt and rock from building the highway.
This ghost town was brought here building by building. I'm pretty sure I could have taken pics here for another hour.
They have a collection of classic cars from back in the day. There were everything from early Cadillacs to Model Ts.
Some of the buildings inculded a blacksmith shop, jail, barber shop, pharmacy, and church. The insides had items reminiscent of the period as well.

Today I'm adding Switzerland and Northern Ireland to my list of countries. I had a great steak lunch here with another group from Australia. Are you begining to see a trend?? The Aussies have been working on getting me to visit their country. Although I've been warned that I might not want to leave once I get there!
I am absolutly in love with this pic! It WILL be framed when I get back. Apparently Mom wants one too! 
And this is the view from the front of the hotel and restaurant. Again, I could live here, but there aren't any cows which might be a problem.
And this is the hotel overlooking the lake. Red and white seem to be the color theme for the trip.

So, today I sat with Leanne from Australia on the bus. They have about 200 registered cows, mostly horned but shfting more towards polled. The cows are more of a hobby becasue they also own 3,000 sheep which is an average sized flock for their area. I was also fascinated that there are some 300 kangaroos livng on their ranch!
This is the Canadian-Pacific Railway which spans the country from coast to coast. The trains can be nearly 2 miles long. The part I found fascinating is goods are shipped from China to Vancouver and the containers are stacked 2 high on trains. The trains take them across Canada, and they are unloaded onto ships headed for Europe.
We made it to Banff, and this is where Mom and I ate supper. Spaghetti and meatballs...mmmmmm. I'm going to leave you in suspense until tomorrow when I'll bring out the town of Banff pics.
Just an update of what's to come, they are expecting 1,000+ people for Rancher's Day which is the final day and invloves pen shows.
The shout out is for the Duncan family (WIngate, IN). Thanks for being my home away from home at Purdue and providing my Hereford fix on the weekends. Also, I learned many life lessons...and thanks to David the most important being the real meaning of the word Dodge. Pass the message along to Lawrence that visiting the ghost town at 3 Valley Gap in British Columbia should be on his bucket list.


Heather Wuebker
07/12/2012 7:38pm

LOVING your pictures and blog. You are such a great writer:) it's like being on the bus with you. You need to keep on blogging even after this trip!!

Heather Bradford
07/13/2012 6:10am

Writing has never really been my thing, and blogging is a little bit exhausting! I'd rather be doing anything with numbers. But, we'll see if I can keep it up on a weekly basis when I get back.

07/20/2012 10:53am

What a great job on blogging and the pictures. Thru your postings it felt like we were there.


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