Today's been a great day in Banff and Lake Louise. We've done everything from visiting a secluded mountain lake to being tourists in the gift shops. Banff is certainly a one of a kind town.The national park is some 2,500 square miles, and we could have easily spent a week here.
This is the view down Banff Avenue with all the unique storefronts. It is definitely a tourist town. People can only live in town if they also work here to prevent an infulx of summer homes.
So, I might have gone a little overboard with the pic taking here. Mom eventually just left me taking pics of basically everything. I could give Google Earth some assistance with the street views in Banff!
Despite the crowds, the only place we had to stand in line was at Cow's for brownie explosion ice cream. And yes, it was as good as it sounds! Yet, we somehow managed to not enter any of the chocloate shops in town. That's some serious self control.
We traveled north to Lake Louise, one of the widely popular lakes in the region. The Fairmont Chateau sits at one end of the lake and is easily the largest hotel I've ever seen.
The view looking onto the lake is amazing! I'd been hoping to get some great pics here, and it certainly didn't dissappoint. Lake Louise is a stunning teal color and is fed by the snowy mountains on the horizon. The Banff park area has more lakes than the rest of the world combined.
Don't forget the bear spray!
I faced my fears. How could I use bear spray on this guy???
I'm pretty sure canoeing here would be great therapy! It's soooo peaceful.
Mom wouldn't go rock climbing with me. I guess being afraid of heights will instill a fear of this activity. So, I'm going to have to recruit more adventurous travel buddies if I ever want to do this.
This brings an end to the pre-tour portion of the conference. So, I'll be giving you a break from mountains, trees, and water. For someone who can't swim, I certainly take a lot of pics of bodies of water.

Today's shout out goes to Bob & Karen Morrison, Lexington, OH. My bus number is 242; so, I've been thinking about you! They've been nothing but supportive and helpful throughout my junior career. The first heifer I ever bought came from Bob & Karen, and my girl Mattie turns 11 today.


07/13/2012 5:50am

Canoeing would be peaceful? Somehow I wonder if you would get in the boat! Great pictures- it sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

Heather Bradford
07/13/2012 6:04am

So, I never actually said I would be the one canoeing!

07/13/2012 5:21pm

Great blog! My favorite comment so far: "It has wheels and rust, Dad would approve." Boiler Up up there.

07/13/2012 5:26pm

Dang, shoulda gone rock climbing. DId you point out to your mom that they use ropes? Really skinny ones though...

Heather Bradford
07/14/2012 5:07am

And when they're done, they give the rope a pull and wait for it to come crashing down on them!


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